Lengua inglesa
1 the yellowish fatty substance that rises to the surface of milk, and yields butter when churned.
2 any food that resembles this substance in consistency or appearance.
3 any cosmetic substance that resembles cream in texture or consistency.
4 the best part of something; the pick.
5 a yellowish-white colour.
verb (creamed , creaming )
1 to beat (eg butter and sugar) till creamy.
2 to remove the cream from (milk).
3 (often cream something off) to select or take away (the best part).
4 colloq to thrash or beat someone.
5 colloq to defeat heavily (in a sporting competition, etc).
[14c: from French cresme ]

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cream cheese
noun a soft cheese made from soured milk or cream.

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cream cracker
noun a crisp savoury biscuit.

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cream of tartar
noun a white crystalline soluble powder, used in baking powder, soft drinks, laxatives, etc. Also called potassium hydrogen tartrate.

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cream soda or American cream soda
noun a vanilla-flavoured fizzy soft drink.

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