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verb (cooked , cooking )
1 tr & intr to prepare (food) or be prepared by heating.
2 colloq to alter (accounts, etc) dishonestly.
noun someone who cooks or prepares food.
[Anglo-Saxon coc , from Latin coquus ]
cook the books to falsify accounts, records, etc.
cook someone's goose see under goose.
what's cooking? colloq what's happening?; what's the plan?
cook something up
1 colloq to concoct or invent it.
2 slang to prepare (a drug, especially heroin) for use, by heating.

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adjective denoting foods, especially individual meals, that are cooked, rapidly chilled, then packaged and stored in a refrigerated state, requiring reheating before being served.
noun the process of preparing food in this way.

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1 an apparatus for cooking food; a stove.
2 Brit colloq a cooking apple.

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noun (pl in sense 2 only cookeries )
1 the art or practice of cooking food.
2 US a place equipped for cooking.

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cookery book or cookbook
noun a book of recipes.

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