Lengua inglesa
1 incessant.
2 unbroken; uninterrupted.
3 grammar said of a verbal aspect or tense: representing continuing action or a continuing state, in English formed with the auxiliary verb be and the present participle, as in I am waiting , They were dancing , You will be playing tomorrow . Also called progressive.
[17c: from Latin continuus unbroken, from continere to hold together]
continuously adverb .

continuous, continual Note that something that is continuous exists or happens for a period without a break, whereas something that is continual exists or happens repeatedly over a period, so that a continuous disturbance goes on for a time without a break, whereas continual disturbances are several occurrences with gaps between them.

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continuous assessment
noun , educ the judging of students' progress by means of frequent tests, essays, etc throughout the year, rather than by end-of-year examinations.

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continuous creation
noun the theory that creation is an ongoing process rather than a single act.

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continuous stationery
noun stationery consisting of a long sheet of paper with regular perforations.

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