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1 made up of different parts, materials or styles.
2 bot belonging or relating to the Compositae (see noun 1 below) family.
1 bot a member of the largest family of flowering plants Compositae , which have a flower head consisting of a crowd of tiny florets often surrounded by a circle of bracts, eg daisy.
2 chem a combination of two or more materials which has superior properties to any of its individual components.
3 archit (often Composite) the most decorative of the five main orders (see order, noun 19) of architecture. Compare Corinthian (sense 2), Doric, Ionic, Tuscan.
verb (composited , compositing ) to pool and combine proposals from local branches, eg of a political party, etc, so as to produce a satisfactory list for discussion at a national level.
[16c: from Latin compositus , from componere to put together]

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1 something composed, especially a musical or literary work.
2 the process of composing.
3 art arrangement, especially with regard to balance and visual effect photographic composition .
4 old use a school essay.
5 the constitution of something.
6 a synthetic material of any of various kinds.
7 printing the arrangement of pages of type ready for printing.

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noun , printing someone who sets or arranges pages of type ready for printing.

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