Lengua inglesa
1 a stick, usually thicker at one end, used as a weapon.
2 in various sports, especially golf: a stick with a specially shaped head, used to hit the ball.
3 an Indian club.
4 a society or association.
5 the place where such a group meets.
6 a building with dining, reading and sleeping facilities for its members.
7 a nightclub.
8 (clubs) one of the four suits of playing-cards, with a black cloverleaf-shaped symbol (?), the others being the diamond, heart and spade2.
9 one of the playing-cards of this suit.
verb (clubbed , clubbing )
1 to beat or strike (a person, animal, etc) with a club.
2 intr (often club together) to join together as a group, especially to contribute money jointly for a special purpose.
[13c: from Norse klubba cudgel]
clubber noun .
clubbing noun .
go clubbing to go to nightclubs.
in the club or pudding club colloq pregnant.
join the club! you're not the only one!

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