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ablative grammar
noun (abbreviation abl.)
1 in eg Latin: the form or case2 of a noun, pronoun or adjective which expresses the place, means, manner or instrument of an action.
2 a noun, etc in this case.
adjective belonging to or in this case.
[15c: from Latin ablativus , from ablatus carried off or removed]
ablatival adjective .

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1 unsuccessful.
2 checked in its development.
3 biol incompletely developed or imperfectly formed; primitive.
abortively adverb .

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1 said of a material: capable of wearing away the surface of skin, wood, etc by rubbing and scraping.
2 said of a material: used to smooth or polish another surface by rubbing.
3 relating to the process of abrasion.
4 said of people or their actions: likely to offend others by being harsh and rude.
noun any hard material, such as sandpaper, pumice or emery, that is used to wear away the surface of other materials.
[19c: see abrade]
abrasively adverb .
abrasiveness noun .

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adjective capable of absorbing.

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adjective insulting or rude; using insulting or rude language.
abusively adverb .
abusiveness noun .

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