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verb (checked , checking )
1 tr & intr to establish that something is correct or satisfactory; to verify Will you check that I locked the front door?
2 to hold back, prevent or restrain He was about to complain, but checked himself .
3 colloq to reproach or rebuke someone.
4 N Am to mark something correct, etc with a tick.
5 intr (often check with something) said of information, etc: to be consistent; to agree with (other information).
6 N Am to hand over or deposit something for safekeeping.
7 chess to put (the opposing king) into check.
1 an inspection or investigation made to find out about something or to ensure that something is as it should be.
2 a standard or test by means of which to check something.
3 a stoppage in, or control on, progress or development.
4 a pattern of squares cotton with a purple check .
5 N Am, esp US a tick marked against something.
6 N Am, esp US a cheque.
7 N Am a restaurant bill.
8 N Am a ticket or token for claiming something left in safekeeping.
9 chess the position of the king when directly threatened by an opposing piece.
[14c: from French eschec , meaning -check- in chess, from Persian shah king]
checkable adjective .
checker noun .
check in to report one's arrival at an air terminal or a hotel.
check someone or something in
1 to register or report the arrival of someone, especially guests at a hotel or passengers at an air terminal.
2 to hand in (luggage for weighing and loading) at an air terminal. See also check-in.
check something off to mark (an item on a list) as dealt with.
check out
1 to register one's departure, especially from a hotel on paying the bill.
2 chiefly N Am said of information, etc: to be satisfactory or consistent.
check out someone or something colloq, esp N Am to look at them or it Check out the idiot in the corner .
check someone or something out to investigate them or it thoroughly.
check up on someone or something to enquire into or examine them or it (eg evidence). See also check-up.

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check box
noun , comput a square on a computer screen on which the user can click the mouse to activate a particular feature.

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noun at an air terminal: the desk at which passengers' tickets are checked and luggage weighed and accepted. See also check in , check someone or something in at check.

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noun a thorough examination, especially a medical one. See also check up at check.

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adjective having a squared pattern purple-checked cotton .

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