Lengua inglesa
1 a person or thing that carries.
2 a person or firm that transports goods.
3 an individual who is infected by a disease and may transmit it to others without developing symptoms.
4 genetics an individual who carries a gene for a particular disorder without displaying signs or symptoms of that disorder, and who may pass on the gene to his or her offspring.
5 a vector.
6 radio a carrier wave.
7 physics a charge carrier, such as an electron.
8 a non-radioactive material mixed with, and chemically identical to, a radioactive substance.
9 a carrier bag.

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carrier bag
noun a plastic or paper bag with handles, supplied to shop customers for carrying purchased goods.

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carrier pigeon
noun a homing pigeon used for carrying messages.

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carrier wave
noun , physics a continuously transmitted radio wave whose amplitude or frequency is made to increase or decrease instantaneously, in response to variations in the signal.

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