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carrageen or carragheen
noun a purplish-red edible seaweed found on N Atlantic shores, also used as an emulsifying and gelling agent. Also called Irish moss.
[19c: from Irish Gaelic]

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carrel or carrell
noun a small individual compartment or desk in a library, for private study.
[20c in this sense: from obsolete carole enclosure for study in a cloister]

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1 a four-wheeled horse-drawn passenger vehicle.
2 a railway coach for carrying passengers.
3 the process or cost of transporting goods.
4 a moving section of a machine, eg a typewriter, that carries some part into the required position.
5 a wheeled support for a gun.
6 the way one holds oneself when standing or walking.
[14c: from French cariage , from carier to carry]

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carriage clock
noun a small ornamental clock with a handle on top, originally used by travellers.

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noun the part of a road used by vehicles, or by vehicles travelling in one particular direction.

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