Lengua inglesa
1 attention and thoroughness.
2 caution; gentleness; regard for safety.
3 the activity of looking after someone or something, or the state of being looked after.
4 worry or anxiety.
5 a cause for worry; a responsibility.
verb (cared , caring ) intr
1 to mind or be upset by something.
2 (usu care about or for someone or something) to concern oneself about them or be interested in them; to be fond of or love them.
3 (always care for something) to have a wish or desire for it Would you care for a drink?
4 to wish or be willing Would you care to come?
5 (always care for something) to like or approve of it I don't care for mushrooms .
6 (always care for someone or something) to look after them or it.
[Anglo-Saxon caru anxiety or sorrow]
as if I, etc care or cared colloq it doesn't matter to me, etc.
care of (abbreviation c/o) written on letters, etc addressed to a person at someone else's address.
for all I, etc care colloq without upsetting me, etc in the least.
have a care! old use be more careful, considerate, etc.
I, etc couldn't care less colloq it doesn't matter to me, etc in the least.
in care being looked after by a local authority, etc, or in a hospital, etc, instead of at home.
take care to be cautious, watchful or thorough.
take care of someone or something
1 to look after them.
2 to attend to or organize them.

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verb (careened , careening )
1 to turn (a boat) over on its side for cleaning, etc.
2 intr said of a ship: to lean over to one side; to heel over.
3 intr , orig N Am said of a vehicle, etc: to swerve or lurch violently from side to side.
[17c: ultimately from Latin carina keel]

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1 one's professional life; one's progress in one's job.
2 a job, occupation or profession.
3 one's progress through life generally.
4 a swift or headlong course.
verb (careered , careering ) intr to rush in an uncontrolled or headlong way.
[16c: from French carrière racecourse, from Latin carriara carriage road, from carrus wagon]

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noun concern with the advancement of one's career.

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noun , sometimes derog someone who is chiefly interested in the advancement of their career.

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