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1 in a plant: an immature knob-like shoot, often enclosed by protective scales, that will eventually develop into a leaf or flower.
2 (also in compounds ) a flower or leaf that is not yet fully open rosebud .
3 biol in yeasts and simple animals, eg hydra: a small outgrowth from the body of the parent that becomes detached and develops into a new individual.
4 in an embryo: an outgrowth from which a limb develops.
verb (budded , budding )
1 intr said of a plant, etc: to put out or develop buds.
2 biol said of a yeast or a simple animal, eg hydra: to reproduce asexually by the production of buds (see noun 3 above).
in bud said of a plant: producing buds.
nip something in the bud to put a stop to it at a very early stage.

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bud2 see under buddy

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