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verb (bred , breeding )
1 intr said of animals and plants: to reproduce sexually.
2 to make (animals or plants) reproduce sexually, sometimes in order to transmit certain selected characteristics from parents to offspring.
3 to make or produce (usually something bad) Dirt breeds disease .
4 to train, bring up or educate (children, etc).
5 physics to produce more fissile fuel than is consumed in a nuclear reaction. See also breeder reactor.
1 an artificially maintained subdivision within an animal species, especially farm livestock or pet animals, produced by domestication and selective breeding, eg Friesian cattle.
2 a race or lineage.
3 a kind or type a new breed of salesman .
[Anglo-Saxon bredan to produce, hatch or cherish offspring]
breeder noun
1 someone or something that breeds, especially a person who breeds animals or plants for a living.
2 short for breeder reactor.

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breeder reactor
noun a type of nuclear reactor which produces more fissile material than it consumes as fuel, used mainly to produce plutonium-239 for the nuclear weapons industry. Compare fast-breeder reactor.

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1 biol controlling the manner in which plants or animals reproduce in such a way that certain characteristics are selected and passed on to the next generation.
2 the result of a good education and training, social skills, manners, etc; upbringing.
3 the act of producing offspring; reproduction.

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breeding ground
1 a place or situation, etc which encourages the development or creation of something usually regarded as bad a breeding ground for crime .
2 a place where animals or birds, etc produce their young.

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