Lengua inglesa
noun (branches )
1 an offshoot arising from the trunk of a tree or the main stem of a shrub.
2 a main division of a railway line, river, road or mountain range.
3 a local office of a large company or organization.
4 a subdivision or section in a family, subject, group of languages, etc.
verb (branches , branched , branching ) intr (esp branch off)
1 to divide from the main part a road branching off to the left .
2 (sometimes branch out or branch out from something) to send out branches, or spread out from it as a branch or branches.
[14c: from French branche , from Latin branca an animal's paw]
branched adjective .
branching adjective , noun .
branchless adjective .
branchy adjective (branchier , branchiest ).
branch out (often branch out into something) to develop different interests or projects, etc; to expand or diversify.

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