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1 fully grown; mature.
2 typical of, or suitable for, a fully grown person.
3 said especially of films: containing sexually explicit or indecent scenes, and therefore regarded as unsuitable for children.
noun a fully grown person, animal, bird or plant.
[16c: from Latin adultus grown-up, from adolescere to grow up; compare adolescent]
adulthood noun .

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noun a substance with which something is adulterated.

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verb (adulterated , adulterating ) to debase something or render it impure, by mixing it with something inferior or harmful.
[16c: from Latin adulterare , adulteratum to defile]
adulteration noun .

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noun sexual relations willingly undertaken between a married person and a person who is not their spouse.
[15c; 14c in the form avowtery : from Latin adulterare , adulteratum to defile]
adulterer noun .
adulteress noun .
adulterous adjective .
adulterously adverb .

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