Lengua inglesa
1 the highly developed mass of nervous tissue that co-ordinates and controls the activities of the central nervous system of animals.
2 (esp brains) colloq cleverness; intelligence It takes brains to do that job .
3 (esp brains or the brains) colloq a very clever person.
4 (usu brains) colloq a person who thinks up and controls a plan, etc He was the brains behind the idea .
verb (brained , braining ) colloq
1 to hit someone hard on the head.
2 to dash out or smash someone's brains.
[Anglo-Saxon brægen ]
brained adjective (esp in compounds ) having a brain or brains of a specified type hare-brained scatterbrained .
brainless adjective .
brainlessly adverb .
have something on the brain colloq to be unable to stop thinking about it.
pick someone's brains see under pick1.

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