Lengua inglesa
verb (wrapped , wrapping )
1 to fold or wind something round someone or something.
2 (also wrap something up) to cover or enfold it with cloth, paper, etc.
3 intr (also wrap round) comput said of text on a screen: to start a new line automatically as soon as the last character space on the previous line is filled. See also wraparound (sense 1).
4 literary to embrace someone.
5 (usu wrap something round something) colloq to crash (a vehicle) into (a post or tree, etc).
1 a warm garment, especially a shawl or stole for the shoulders.
2 a protective covering.
3 a wrapper.
4 cinematog , TV the completion of filming or recording, or the end of a session of filming or recording.
5 a snack consisting of a flatbread, eg a tortilla, rolled around a filling.
6 slang a bag containing a small quantity of a drug, especially heroin.
keep something under wraps colloq to keep it secret.
take the wraps off something colloq to reveal it to the public for the first time.
wrapped up in someone or something absorbed in them or it; engrossed by them or it.
wrap someone round one's little finger see under finger.
wrap up
1 to dress warmly Wrap up warm before you leave!
2 slang to be quiet.
wrap something up colloq to finish it off or settle it finally.

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