Lengua inglesa
verb (wishes , wished , wishing )
1 to want; to have a desire.
2 to desire, especially vainly or helplessly I wish I lived in Florida .
3 to invoke a desire closed her eyes and wished for world peace .
4 to express a desire for (luck, success, happiness, etc) to come to someone.
5 to demand or want something, or to do something.
6 to say (good afternoon, etc) to someone.
noun (wishes )
1 a desire.
2 (usu wishes) what one wants to be done, etc.
3 (wishes) a hope expressed for someone's welfare best wishes .
4 in fairy tales and traditional ritual, etc: the stating of a desire in expectation or hope of its being magically fulfilled.
[Anglo-Saxon wyscan ]
wisher noun .
wish someone joy of something usually ironic to wish them well of (some liability or commitment, etc that the speaker is glad to be rid of).
wish someone well
1 to wish them success or good fortune.
2 to bear them no ill-will.
wish something on someone with negatives to desire it to be inflicted on them I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy .

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