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adverb (better , best )
1 competently; skilfully.
2 satisfactorily.
3 kindly or favourably.
4 thoroughly, properly or carefully.
5 fully or adequately.
6 intimately don't know her well .
7 successfully; prosperously.
8 approvingly.
9 attractively.
10 by a long way well past midnight .
11 justifiably can't very well ignore him .
12 conceivably; quite possibly may well be right .
13 understandably if she objects, as well she may .
14 very much well worth doing .
15 usually colloq used in combination for emphasis I'm jolly well going to I was well pleased!
adjective (better , best )
1 healthy.
2 in a satisfactory state.
3 sensible; advisable would be well to check .
1 used enquiringly in expectation of a response or explanation, etc.
2 used variously in conversation, eg to resume a narrative, preface a reply, express surprise, indignation or doubt, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon wel ]
all very well colloq said as an objecting response to a remark: satisfactory or acceptable but only up to a point It's all very well to criticize .
as well
1 too; in addition.
2 (also just as well) for all the difference it makes I may as well tell you .
3 (also just as well) a good thing; lucky It was just as well you came when you did .
as well as?in addition to?
be as well to do something to be sensible to do it.
do well out of something to profit from it.
leave or let well alone not to interfere in things that are satisfactory as they are.
mean well to have helpful or kindly intentions.
very well an expression of acceptance in complying with an order or accepting a point, etc.
well and good used to show acceptance of facts or a situation.
well and truly thoroughly; completely.
well away
1 making rapid progress; far away.
2 colloq drunk or asleep, etc.
well done! an expression used to congratulate someone on an achievement, etc.
well enough satisfactory within limits.
well off
1 wealthy; financially comfortable.
2 fortunate; successful.
well out of something colloq fortunate to be free of it.
well up in something colloq having a thorough knowledge of it.
well, well expressing surprise.
well worth something definitely worth it.

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1 a lined shaft that is sunk from ground level to a considerable depth below ground in order to obtain a supply of water, oil or gas, etc.
2 a natural spring of water, or a pool fed by it.
3 (esp in compounds ) a shaft, or shaft-shaped cavity, eg that made through the floors of a building to take a staircase or lift stairwell .
4 naut an enclosure in a ship's hold round the pumps.
5 in compounds a reservoir or receptacle inkwell .
6 Brit law the open space in the centre of a law court.
7 a plentiful source of something.
verb (welled , welling ) intr (often well up) said of a liquid: to spring, flow or flood to the surface.
[Anglo-Saxon wella ]

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