Lengua inglesa
verb (waved , waving )
1 tr & intr to move (one's hand) to and fro in greeting, farewell or as a signal.
2 to hold up and move (some other object) in this way for this purpose.
3 to say ( esp goodbye) in this way.
4 tr & intr to move or make something move or sway to and fro.
5 (esp wave someone on or through) to direct them with a gesture of the hand.
6 intr said of hair: to have a gentle curl or curls.
7 to put a gentle curl into (hair) by artificial means.
a any of a series of moving ridges on the surface of the sea or some other body of water;
b such a ridge as it arches and breaks on the shore, etc.
2 an act of waving the hand, etc.
3 physics a regularly repeated disturbance or displacement in a medium eg water or air.
4 any of the circles of disturbance moving outwards from the site of a shock, such as an earthquake.
5 a loose soft curl, or series of such curls, in the hair.
6 a surge or sudden feeling of an emotion or a physical symptom.
7 a sudden increase in or occurrence of something a crime wave a heat wave .
8 an advancing body of people.
9 any of a series of curves in an upward-and-downward curving line or outline.
[Anglo-Saxon wafian to wave]
waved adjective .
make waves to create a disturbance or cause trouble, etc; to aggravate a situation.
wave someone or something aside to dismiss them or it as unimportant or intrusive.
wave someone off to watch and wave as they go off on a journey.

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