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verb (bored , boring )
1 (often bore a hole in something) to make a hole in it by drilling.
2 to produce (a borehole, tunnel or mine, etc) by drilling.
3 intr said of a racehorse or an athlete: to push against other competitors in a race.
1 the hollow barrel of a gun, or the cavity inside any such tube.
2 a in compounds the diameter of a gun barrel, especially in determining the appropriate size of ammunition 12-bore shotgun ;
b the diameter of the cavity inside any such tube or pipe. Also called calibre, gauge.
3 a borehole.
4 Aust an artesian well.
[Anglo-Saxon borian ]

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verb (bored , boring ) to make someone feel tired and uninterested, by being dull, tedious, etc.
1 a dull, uninteresting or tedious person or thing.
2 colloq something that causes slight irritation or annoyance; a nuisance.
bored adjective tired and uninterested from being unoccupied or under-occupied.
boredom noun the state of being bored.
boring adjective tedious and uninteresting.
boringly adverb .

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noun a solitary steep wave of water that moves rapidly upstream, gradually losing height, caused by constriction of the spring tide as it enters a narrow shallow estuary.
[17c: from Norse bara a wave or swell]

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bore4 see under bear1

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noun a deep narrow hole made by boring, especially one made in the ground to find oil or water, etc.

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