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verb (waited , waiting )
1 intr said of a task, etc: to remain temporarily undealt with That can wait .
2 intr (often wait for something) to delay action or remain in a certain place in expectation of, or readiness for it.
3 to postpone action for (a period of time).
4 to await (one's turn, etc).
5 colloq to delay eating (a meal) till someone arrives won't wait dinner .
6 intr to park one's vehicle briefly at the kerb, etc no waiting .
7 intr (often wait on someone) to serve them as a waiter or waitress.
8 (wait on someone) to act as a servant or attendant to them.
[12c: from French waitier or guaitier , from German wahten to watch]
lie in wait or lay wait to be in hiding ready to surprise or ambush someone.
you wait! an expression used to warn or threaten.
wait on Aust, NZ be patient; hold back Wait on, I'll come too .
wait up US to slow down or wait Wait up, I can't run that fast .
wait up for someone to delay going to bed at night waiting for their arrival or return.

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Waitangi Day
noun 6 February, the national day of New Zealand, commemorating the Treaty of Waitangi made between Britain and the Maori chiefs in 1840.

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waiter or waitress
noun a man or woman who serves people with food at a hotel or restaurant, etc.

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waiting list
noun a list of people waiting for something currently unavailable, eg accommodation or surgery.

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waiting room
noun a room for people to wait in, eg at a railway station or doctor's surgery.

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