Lengua inglesa
1 a sound produced by the vocal organs and uttered through the mouth, especially by humans in speech or song.
2 the ability to speak; the power of speech lost his voice .
3 a way of speaking or singing peculiar to each individual couldn't recognize the voice .
4 a tone of speech reflecting a particular emotion in a nervous voice .
5 the sound of someone speaking heard a voice .
6 the ability to sing, especially to sing well has no voice has a lovely voice .
7 expression in the form of spoken words gave voice to their feelings .
8 a means or medium of expression or communication newspapers as the voice of the people .
9 grammar the status or function of a verb in being either active or passive.
verb (voiced , voicing )
1 to express something in speech He voiced his disapproval .
2 phonetics to pronounce (a sound) with a vibration of the vocal cords.
[13c: from French vois , from Latin vox ]
in good voice singing well.
with one voice unanimously.

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