Lengua inglesa
1 relating to or consisting of words verbal communication .
2 spoken, not written verbal agreement .
3 grammar relating to or derived from a verb or verbs.
4 literal; word-for-word.
5 talkative; articulate.
1 a word, especially a noun, derived from a verb.
2 Brit slang an oral statement, especially an arrested suspect's confession of guilt, made to the police, or claimed by them to have been made.
3 Brit slang an insult; abuse.
verbally adverb .

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verbal diarrhoea
noun logorrhoea.

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verbal noun
noun a form of a verb that functions as a noun, eg - to err is human- and - swimming keeps you fit-. Compare gerund.

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noun excessive attention paid to words used, rather than to ideas expressed, especially in literary criticism; literalism.
verbalist noun .

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verbalize or verbalise
verb (verbalized , verbalizing )
1 to express (ideas, thoughts, etc) in words.
2 intr to use too many words; to be verbose.
3 to turn (any word) into a verb.
verbalization noun .

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