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1 a hollow case or other device containing a substance capable of causing an explosion, fire or smoke, etc. See also letter bomb, time bomb.
2 (the bomb) the atomic bomb, or nuclear weapons collectively.
3 (a bomb) Brit colloq a lot of money.
4 N Am colloq a failure, flop or fiasco The film was a bomb .
5 Aust & NZ colloq an old worn-out car.
6 sport , colloq a long pass.
7 comput a piece of programming, inserted into software, that can be activated to sabotage the system.
8 (also volcanic bomb) geol a rounded mass of lava thrown out by a volcano and hardened into volcanic rock.
verb (bombed , bombing )
1 to attack or damage, etc with a bomb or bombs.
2 (esp bomb along or off, etc ) intr , colloq to move or drive quickly.
3 intr , N Am colloq to fail or flop badly.
[17c: probably ultimately from Greek bombos a humming sound]
bomber see separate entry.
bombing noun .
go down like a bomb or go down a bomb colloq, chiefly Brit to be a great success; to be received enthusiastically.
go like a bomb colloq, chiefly Brit
1 to move very quickly.
2 to go or sell, etc extremely well; to be very successful.

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