Lengua inglesa
a the action or an act of uniting two or more things;
b the state of being united.
2 a united whole.
3 surgery the growing together in healing of the parts of a broken bone, sides of a wound, etc.
4 formal
a marriage; the state of wedlock;
b sexual intercourse.
5 an association, confederation, etc of people or groups for a common (especially political) purpose.
6 agreement or harmony.
7 a league or association, especially a trade union.
8 a a device representative of union on a flag;
b the same device used separately as a flag, such as the Union Jack.
9 a device that connects one thing with another, especially a connecting part for pipes, etc.
10 (also Union)
a an organization concerned with the interests and welfare of the students in a college, university, etc;
b the building that houses such an organization, often also the site of canteen and recreational facilities, etc.
11 a textile fabric made from more than one kind of fibre.
12 maths (symbol ?)
a a set2 ( noun 2) comprising all the members (but no others) of two or more smaller sets;
b the operation of forming such a set. See also intersection (sense 5).
13 hist in 19c England: a number of parishes united for the administration of the poor laws.
14 in the Indian subcontinent: a local administrative unit made up of several villages.
[15c: from French, from Latin unio , unionis oneness or unity, from Latin unus one]

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union catalogue
noun a catalogue that lists all the publications held at several co-operating libraries.

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Union flag see under Union Jack

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Union Jack
noun (also Union flag) the national flag of the United Kingdom, combining the crosses of St Andrew, St George and St Patrick.

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union pipes see under uillean pipes

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