Lengua inglesa
a below or beneath something but not in contact with it under the table ;
b below or beneath something and in contact with it under the book .
2 at the foot of under the tree .
3 less than; short of under 10 per cent .
4 lower in rank than.
5 during the reign or administration of under Queen Elizabeth II .
6 subjected to, receiving or sustaining under consideration under pressure .
7 in the category or classification of.
8 known by goes under the name of .
9 according to under the terms of the agreement .
10 in view of; because of under the circumstances .
11 propelled by under sail .
12 said of a field: planted with (a particular crop).
13 astrol within the influence of (a particular sign of the zodiac).
1 in or to a lower place, position or rank.
2 into a state of unconsciousness.
1 lower.
2 subordinate.
under lock and key see under key1.
under one's belt see under belt.
under the knife see under knife.
under way
1 said of a process, activity, project, etc: in progress; having been instigated.
2 naut said of a vessel: in motion.

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