Lengua inglesa
noun (trees )
1 bot
a a tall woody perennial plant that typically has one main stem or trunk and which, unlike a shrub, usually only begins to branch at some distance from the ground;
b in extended use: any plant, eg the banana, plantain, palm, etc, that has a single non-woody stem which grows to a considerable height.
2 a family tree.
3 (usu in compounds )
a a frame or support, especially one made from wood shoe tree ;
b a branched structure that things can be hung on ring tree .
4 a Christmas tree lots of presents under the tree .
5 old use
a a cross that is used for crucifixion;
b a gallows or gibbet.
verb (trees , treed , treeing ) to drive or chase up a tree. See also arboreal.
[Anglo-Saxon treow ]
treeless adjective .
at the top of the tree at the highest possible position, especially professionally, etc.
out of one's tree completely mad, especially in talking rubbish or behaving irrationally.
up a tree N Am colloq in difficulties.

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