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verb (transported , transporting )
1 to carry (goods, passengers, etc) from one place to another.
2 hist to send (a criminal) to a penal colony overseas.
3 (often be transported with) to affect strongly or deeply was transported with grief .
1 a system for or the business of taking people, goods, etc from place to place public transport .
2 a means of getting or being transported from place to place The car's in for repairs, so I haven't got transport at the moment .
3 (often transports) strong emotion, especially of pleasure or delight; ecstasy transports of joy .
4 a ship, aircraft, lorry, etc used to carry soldiers or military equipment and stores.
5 hist a criminal or convict who has been sentenced to transportation.
[15c: from Latin transportare to carry across]
transportability noun .
transportable adjective .

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transport café
noun , Brit an inexpensive restaurant that is usually situated at or near the roadside and which caters especially for long-distance lorry drivers. US equivalent truck stop.

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1 the act of transporting or the process of being transported.
2 a means of being transported; transport.
3 hist a form of punishment where convicted criminals were sent to overseas penal colonies.

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1 someone or something that transports.
2 a vehicle that carries other vehicles, large pieces of machinery, etc by road.

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