Lengua inglesa
1 Tax Officer.
2 telegraph office.
3 Transport Officer.
4 turn over.

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1 towards; in the direction of, or with the destination of somewhere or something Let's go to the shop .
2 used to express a resulting condition, aim or purpose boil the fruit to a pulp to my surprise .
3 as far as; until from beginning to end bears the scars to this day .
4 used to introduce the indirect object of a verb He sent it to us .
5 used to express addition add one to ten .
6 used to express attachment, connection, contact or possession put his ear to the door the key to the lock .
7 before the hour of ten minutes to three .
8 used to express response or reaction to a situation or event, etc rise to the occasion dance to the music .
9 used to express comparison or proportion won by two goals to one second to none .
10 used before an infinitive or instead of a complete infinitive He asked her to stay but she didn't want to .
1 in or into a nearly closed position pulled the window to .
2 back into consciousness He came to a few minutes later .
3 in the direction required hove to .
to and fro backwards and forwards.
toing and froing moving backwards and forwards in an agitated way.

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