Lengua inglesa
1 the usually small pointed end of something.
2 a small piece forming an end or point a rubber tip on a walking-stick .
3 a top or summit.
4 a leaf-bud on tea.
verb (tipped , tipping )
1 to put or form a tip on something.
2 to remove a tip from something.
3 (tip something in) (in bookbinding) to attach (a loose sheet) into a book.
[15c as noun 1: from Norse typpa ]
tipped adjective .
on the tip of one's tongue about to be said, but not able to be because not quite remembered.

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verb (tipped , tipping )
1 tr & intr to lean or make something lean or slant.
2 tr & intr (usu tip over or tip something over) to knock or fall over; to overturn.
3 (also tip something out) to remove or empty it from its container, etc by overturning or upsetting that container.
4 Brit to dump (rubbish).
1 a place for tipping rubbish or coal, etc.
2 colloq a very untidy place.
[14c, meaning -to overturn-]
tip the balance or scales to be the (usually small) fact, happening, etc which causes events to happen in a certain way, a certain decision to be made, etc.

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1 a gift of money given to a waiter, etc in return for service done well.
2 a piece of useful information; a helpful hint or warning.
3 a piece of inside information which may lead to financial gain, such as the name of a horse likely to win a race.
verb (tipped , tipping ) to give a tip to someone.
[17c: perhaps a special use of tip4]
tip someone off to give them a piece of useful or secret information. See also tip-off.

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noun a light blow or tap.
verb (tipped , tipping ) to hit or strike lightly.

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