Lengua inglesa
verb (thrashes , thrashed , thrashing )
1 to beat soundly, especially with blows or a whip.
2 to defeat thoroughly or decisively.
3 intr (usu thrash about or around, etc ) to move around violently or wildly.
4 tr & intr to thresh (corn, etc).
noun (thrashes )
1 an act of thrashing.
2 colloq a party.
3 colloq thrash metal music.
[Anglo-Saxon therscan ]
thrashing noun .
thrash something out to discuss (a problem, etc) thoroughly to try to solve it.

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thrash metal
noun a style of heavy metal music, heavily influenced by punk and played at a very fast speed.

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noun any of various N American birds of the mockingbird family.
[Early 19c]

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