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1 any cloth or fabric made by weaving or knitting.
2 fibre or yarn, etc suitable for weaving into cloth.
adjective belonging or relating to manufacturing, or suitable for being woven into, such cloth.
[17c: from Latin textilis , from texere , textum to weave]

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adjective belonging or relating to, found in, or based on a text or texts.
textually adverb .

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1 the way the surface of a material or substance feels when touched.
2 the way that a piece of cloth looks or feels, caused by the way in which it is woven.
3 the structure of a substance as formed by the size and arrangement of the smaller particles which form it, especially as seen, touched or tasted a crumbly texture .
4 the structure of a piece of music, writing, work of art, etc as formed by the individual parts which form it.
verb (textured , texturing ) to give a particular texture to (eg food or fabric).
[17c in these senses; 15c, meaning -weaving-: from Latin texere , textum to weave]
textural adjective .
texturally adverb .
textured adjective .

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texturize or texturise
verb (texturized , texturizing ) to give a particular texture to (eg food or fabric).

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