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1 a fungal disease of plants that usually attacks an entire crop, or ( in compounds ) one specific crop throughout a particular region potato blight .
2 a fungus that causes blight.
3 (esp cast a blight on something) something or someone that has a damaging, distressing, or destructive effect on something, or that spoils it.
4 (often in compounds )
a an ugly, decayed or neglected state or condition urban blight ;
b a district (usually an urban district) in such a condition.
verb (blighted , blighting )
1 to affect with blight.
2 to harm or destroy.
3 to disappoint or frustrate All our hopes were blighted .
blighted adjective .

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noun , colloq, old use
1 (often used as a term of mild abuse) a scoundrel or contemptible person, usually a man.
2 a fellow, especially a man one feels some sympathy for or envy of poor old blighter lucky blighter .
[19c: originally and literally -something that blights-]

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