Lengua inglesa
1 a narrow strip of woven cloth used for tying or fastening, etc.
2 (also adhesive tape) a strip of thin paper or plastic with a sticky surface, used for fastening or sticking, etc.
3 (also magnetic tape) a strip of thin plastic or metal wound on spools, used for recording sounds or images.
4 anything which has been recorded on magnetic tape; a tape or video-recording.
5 a string, strip of paper or ribbon stretched above the finishing line on a race track.
6 a tape measure.
verb (taped , taping )
1 to fasten, tie or seal with tape.
2 tr & intr to record (sounds or images) on magnetic tape.
[Anglo-Saxon tæppe ]
have something or someone taped colloq to understand it or them, or be able to deal with it or them.

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