Lengua inglesa
1 a large container for holding, storing or transporting liquids or gases.
2 a tankful.
3 a heavy steel-covered vehicle armed with guns which moves on Caterpillar tracks.
verb (tanked , tanking )
1 to put or store something in a tank.
2 intr to move like a tank, especially quickly and heavily.
3 slang to defeat or thrash.
[17c: from Gujurati (an Indian language) tankh reservoir, and influenced by Portuguese tanque pond]
tanked up colloq having drunk a large amount of alcohol.

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tank top
noun a sleeveless knitted upper garment, with a low scooped or V neck, worn over a shirt, etc.
[1960s: modelled on tank suit , a one-piece bathing suit worn in the 1920s]

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noun a large drinking-mug, usually made from silver, pewter or pottery, sometimes with a hinged lid, and used especially for drinking beer.
[15c; 14c meaning -tub-like vessel-]

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1 a ship or large lorry which transports liquid in bulk.
2 an aircraft which transports fuel and is usually able to refuel other aircraft in flight.
[Early 20c]

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noun (tankfuls ) the amount a tank can hold.

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