Lengua inglesa
1 a supply, usually one that is kept in reserve for use in the future.
2 a Brit a shop, especially a large one that is part of a chain department store ;
b N Am, esp US a small grocery that often also sells a wide variety of other goods;
c in compounds superstore .
3 (also stores) a place where stocks or supplies are kept, eg a warehouse.
4 a computer's memory.
as adjective store detective .
verb (stored , storing )
1 (also store away or store up) to put aside for future use.
2 to put something, eg furniture, into a warehouse for temporary safekeeping.
3 to put something into a computer's memory.
[13c: from Latin instaurare to set up or restore]
storable adjective .
stored adjective .
in store
1 kept in reserve; ready to be supplied.
2 destined to happen; imminent a surprise in store .
set or lay store or great store by something to value it highly.

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