Lengua inglesa
1 a place where trains or buses regularly stop, with associated buildings and structures, etc.
2 a a local headquarters or depot, eg of a police force, etc;
b in compounds fire station .
3 in compounds a building equipped for some particular purpose power station petrol station .
4 a a radio or TV channel;
b the building or organization that broadcasts particular radio or TV programmes.
5 a position in a specified structure, organization, etc ideas above his station .
6 someone's calling, profession, etc.
7 a a post or place of duty;
b in compounds four workstations in the office .
8 Aust & NZ a large farm that specializes in rearing sheep or cattle.
9 biol the habitat of an animal or plant.
10 (also Station of the Cross) RC Church any one of a series of images, usually fourteen, that depict the stages in Christ's journey to Calvary.
verb (stationed , stationing ) to assign or appoint to a post or place of duty.
[14c: from Latin statio , from stare to stand]

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