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1 physics periodic vibrations that are propagated through a medium, eg air, as pressure waves.
2 the noise that is heard as a result of such periodic vibrations.
3 audible quality The guitar has a nice sound .
4 the mental impression created by something heard don't like the sound of that .
5 aural material, eg spoken commentary and music, accompanying a film or broadcast sound editor .
6 colloq volume or volume control, especially on a television set.
7 (also sounds) colloq music, especially pop music the sounds of the 60s .
verb (sounded , sounding )
1 tr & intr to produce or cause to produce a sound A distant bugle sounded .
2 intr to create an impression in the mind sounds like fun .
3 to pronounce doesn't sound his h's .
4 to announce or signal with a sound sound the alarm .
5 med to examine by tapping or listening. See also sound3 ( verb 2).
[13c: from French soner , from Latin sonare , from sonus sound]
sound off colloq to state one's opinions, complaints, etc forcefully or angrily.

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1 not damaged or injured; in good condition; healthy The kitten was found safe and sound .
2 a sensible; well-founded; reliable sound advice a sound investment ;
b said of an argument, opinion, etc: well researched or thought through, logical and convincing.
3 acceptable or approved of.
4 severe, hard or thorough a sound spanking .
5 said of sleep: deep and undisturbed.
adverb deeply sound asleep .
[Anglo-Saxon gesund ]
soundly adverb .
soundness noun .

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verb , tr & intr
1 to measure the depth of (especially the sea).
2 med to examine (a hollow organ, etc) with a probe. See also sound1 ( verb 5).
noun a probe for examining hollow organs.
[14c: from French sonder ]
sound someone or something out to try to discover or to make a preliminary assessment of opinions, intentions, etc.

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1 a narrow passage of water that connects two large bodies of water or that separates an island and the mainland; a strait.
2 the swim bladder of a fish.
[Anglo-Saxon sund ]

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sound barrier
noun the resistance that an aircraft experiences when it travels close to the speed of sound. See also sonic barrier.

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