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noun a style of Jamaican popular music similar to reggae.
[1960s: perhaps imitating the characteristic sound of the music]

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skag see scag

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adjective (skankier , skankiest ) slang dirty and unattractive.
[Late 20c: from African-American slang skank dirt]

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noun a three-handed card game using 32 cards.
[19c: from French escart laying aside]

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1 a boot with a device fitted to the sole for gliding smoothly over surfaces, either a steel blade for use on ice ( ice skate) or a set of small wheels for use on wooden and other surfaces ( roller skate).
2 the blade of an ice-skate.
3 a spell of skating.
verb (skated , skating ) intr to move around on skates.
[17c: from Dutch schaats , from French eschasse stilt, from German schake shank]
skater noun .
skating noun .
get one's skates on colloq to hurry up.
skate on thin ice to risk danger, harm or embarrassment.
skate over something to hurry or rush over it We'll skate over this next chapter .
skate round something to avoid dealing with something or considering (a difficulty, etc).

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