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1 said of a person: embarrassed or unnerved by the company or attention of others.
2 easily scared; bashful or timid.
3 (shy of something) wary or distrustful of it.
4 warily reluctant.
5 especially in poker: short of or lacking funds.
6 colloq short in payment by a specified amount 10p shy .
verb (shies , shied , shying ) intr
1 said eg of a horse: to jump suddenly aside or back in fear; to be startled.
2 (usu shy away or off) to shrink from something or recoil, showing reluctance.
noun (shies ) an act of shying.
[Anglo-Saxon sceoh timid]
shyly adverb .
shyness noun .

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verb (shies , shied , shying ) to fling or throw.
noun (shies )
1 a fling or throw.
2 colloq a gibe or taunt.
3 colloq an attempt or shot.

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