Lengua inglesa
1 in humans and animals: the part on either side of the body, just below the neck, where the arm or forelimb joins the trunk.
2 the part of a garment that covers this.
3 a cut of meat consisting of the animal's upper foreleg.
4 (shoulders) the part of the body used to bear burdens; the capacity to bear burdens He has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders have broad shoulders .
5 any object or part resembling a human shoulder.
6 any curve resembling that between the shoulder and the neck.
7 either edge of a road.
verb (shouldered , shouldering )
1 to bear (eg a responsibility).
2 to carry on one's shoulders.
3 to thrust with the shoulder.
[Anglo-Saxon sculdor ]
a shoulder to cry on a person to tell one's troubles to.
give someone the cold shoulder see under cold.
put one's shoulder to the wheel colloq to get down to some hard work; to make a great effort.
rub shoulders with someone colloq to meet or associate with them.
shoulder arms mil said of soldiers on a parade, etc: to bring the rifle to an upright position close to the right side of the body.
shoulder to shoulder together in friendship or agreement; side by side.
(straight) from the shoulder colloq frankly and forcefully.

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shoulder bag
noun a bag carried by a long strap over the shoulder.

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shoulder blade
noun the scapula.

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shoulder pad
noun a pad inserted into the shoulder of a garment to raise and shape it.

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shoulder strap
noun a strap worn over the shoulder to support a garment or bag.

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