Lengua inglesa
verb (shot , shooting )
1 tr & intr to fire (a gun or other weapon).
2 tr & intr to fire (bullets, arrows or other missiles).
3 to hit, wound or kill with a weapon or missile.
4 to let fly with force The geyser shot water high into the air .
5 to launch or direct forcefully and rapidly He shot questions at them .
6 tr & intr to move or make someone or something move or progress quickly That last victory shot them to the top of the table .
7 intr , colloq (also shoot off) to depart quickly I have to shoot or I'll miss my train .
8 tr & intr , sport to strike (the ball, etc) at goal.
9 golf to score, for a hole or the round.
10 tr & intr to film (motion pictures), or take photographs of someone or something.
11 to variegate by adding different coloured specks of colour Her dress was black shot with burgundy .
12 intr said of pain: to dart with a stabbing sensation.
13 to pull (one's shirt cuffs) forward so that they protrude from the sleeves of one's jacket.
14 to slide (a bolt) along.
15 to slide (a bolt) into or out of its lock.
16 to elongate rapidly.
17 intr to protrude or jut out far or suddenly.
18 intr , colloq to begin to speak one's mind or tell what one knows Get it off your chest, shoot!
19 intr to tower.
20 to throw or cast (a die or dice).
21 to detonate.
22 intr to dart forth or forwards.
23 intr to use a bow or gun in practice, competition, hunting, etc He likes to shoot regularly .
24 intr said of a plant: to produce new growth; to sprout.
25 intr said of a plant, especially a vegetable: to produce unwanted flowers and seeds.
26 colloq to pass through (red traffic lights) without stopping.
27 colloq to pass quickly through something shoot rapids .
28 slang to play a game of (eg pool or golf); to have as a score at golf We could shoot pool at the club later .
29 slang to inject (especially oneself) with (drugs) illegally.
1 an act of shooting.
2 a shooting match or party.
3 an outing or expedition to hunt animals with firearms.
4 an area of land within which animals are hunted in this way.
5 the shooting of a film or a photographic modelling session.
6 a new or young plant growth.
7 the sprouting of a plant.
8 a dump or rubbish chute.
[Anglo-Saxon sceotan ]
shoot a line slang to brag or exaggerate.
shoot someone or something down in flames colloq
1 to scold or reprimand them severely.
2 to destroy or humiliate them, especially by the strength of one's argument His speech was shot down in flames by the opposition .
shoot from the hip colloq to speak hastily, bluntly or directly, without preparation or concern for the consequences.
shoot it out to settle (a dispute, competition, etc) by gunfire.
shoot oneself in the foot colloq to injure or harm one's own interests by ineptitude.
shoot one's mouth off colloq to speak freely, indiscreetly or boastfully.
shoot through slang to go or leave quickly.
the whole shoot or shooting-match colloq the whole lot.
shoot someone or something down
1 to make (an aircraft) crash by firing guns at it.
2 to kill with gunfire.
3 to dismiss mercilessly with criticism or ridicule.
shoot up
1 to grow or increase extremely quickly He has really shot up since I last saw him .
2 to inject oneself with illegal drugs.
shoot someone up to kill or injure by shooting.
shoot something up slang to inject (heroin, etc).

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shoot-'em-up orig US, colloq
adjective signifying a film, television programme, computer game, etc which involves a lot of violent action, esp gunfire.
noun a film, television programme, computer game, etc in which guns and shooting feature prominently.

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1 someone or something that shoots.
2 colloq a gun.

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shooting box or shooting lodge
noun a small country house for use during the hunting or shooting season.

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shooting brake
noun , old use an estate car.

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