Lengua inglesa
1 the condition or occupation of being a servant or someone who serves.
2 work carried out for or on behalf of others do someone a service This car has given me good service .
3 the act or manner of serving.
4 use or usefulness; utility I hope it will be of some service to you .
5 a favour or any beneficial act Can I be of service?
6 employment, especially as a member of an organization working to serve or benefit others in some way; such an organization a veteran of many years' service the civil service .
7 the personnel employed in such an organization.
8 the requirements of members of such an organization.
9 assistance given to customers in a shop, restaurant, etc.
10 a facility provided a counselling service .
11 an occasion of worship or other religious ceremony; the words, etc used on such an occasion the marriage service .
12 a liturgical form or the musical setting of it.
13 a complete set of cutlery and crockery a dinner service .
14 (usu services) the supply eg of water, public transport, etc.
15 a periodic check and sometimes repair of the workings of a vehicle or other machine.
16 in racket sports: the act of putting the ball into play, or the game in which it is a particular player's turn to do so That was a poor service He lost his service .
17 a service charge, eg in a restaurant service not included .
18 (often services) any of the armed forces.
19 the participation of their members in warfare.
20 (services) a service area.
1 referring to a service or the services.
2 for use by domestic servants service entrance .
verb (serviced , servicing )
1 to subject (a vehicle, etc) to a periodic check.
2 said of a male animal: to mate with (a female).
3 to pay interest on (a debt).
[12c: from Latin servitium , from servire to serve]
at someone's service ready to serve or give assistance to them.
be of service to someone to help or be useful to them.
in service
1 in use or operation.
2 working as a domestic servant.
out of service broken; not in operation.

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