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verb (separated , separating )
1 to take, force or keep apart A hedge separates the two fields .
2 intr said of a couple: to cease to be together or live together.
3 to disconnect or disunite; to sever.
4 to isolate or seclude He should be separated from the others .
5 to set apart for a purpose.
6 tr & intr (also separate up) to divide or become divided into parts The building is separated up into smaller apartments .
7 intr to depart or withdraw; to secede.
8 intr to become disconnected or disunited.
1 separated; divided.
2 distinctly different or individual; unrelated That is a separate issue .
3 physically unattached; isolated.
noun (usu separates) individual items which form a unit and which are often purchased separately to mix and match, such as items of women's clothing eg blouse, skirt, etc forming separate parts of an outfit, or separate units of a hi-fi system.
[15c: from Latin separare , from se aside + parare to put]
separately adverb .
separateness noun .
separator noun .

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