Lengua inglesa
1 any liquid, often thickened, cooked or served with food.
2 anything that adds relish, interest or excitement.
3 colloq impertinent language or behaviour; cheek.
4 US stewed fruit.
5 US, colloq (the sauce) alcoholic drink.
verb (sauced , saucing )
1 to add sauce to (food).
2 to make interesting or pleasant.
3 colloq to be impertinent or cheeky to someone.
[14c: French, from Latin salsa , from sal salt]

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sauce boat
noun a long shallow container from which sauce is poured over food.

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noun a deep cooking pot with a long handle and usually a lid.
[17c: so called as it was originally used only for making sauces]

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1 a small shallow round dish, especially one for placing under a tea or coffee cup.
2 anything of a similar shape.
[14c: from French saussiere , from Latin salsarium , from salsa sauce]

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noun (saucerfuls ) the amount a saucer will hold.

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