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abbreviation Strategic Arms Limitation Talks or Treaty.

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1 sodium chloride, especially as used to season and preserve food.
2 a saltcellar.
3 chem a chemical compound that is formed when an acid reacts with a base.
4 liveliness; interest, wit or good sense Her opinion added salt to the debate .
5 (also old salt) an experienced and usually old sailor.
6 (salts) smelling salts.
7 (salts) any substance resembling salt in appearance or taste, especially a medicine Epsom salts .
8 a salting or salt marsh.
1 containing salt salt water .
2 tasting of salt.
3 preserved or cured with salt salt pork .
4 covered over with or immersed in salt water.
5 said of a plant: growing in salt soil.
verb (salted , salting )
1 to season or preserve (food) with salt.
2 to cover (an icy road) with a scattering of salt to melt the ice.
3 to add piquancy, interest or wit to something.
4 mining slang to add gold, precious ore, etc to (a mine) to give a deceptive appearance of riches to the mine.
saltish adjective .
saltishness noun .
saltless adjective .
saltly adverb .
like a dose of salts see under dose.
rub salt in someone's wounds to add to their discomfort, sorrow, shame, etc.
take something with a pinch of salt to treat a statement or proposition sceptically, or with suspicion and reservation.
the salt of the earth a person or people regarded as being excellent, reliable, worthy, etc.
worth one's salt competent or useful; worthy of respect.
salt something away to store it up for future use; to hoard it, especially in a miserly way.

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salt flat
noun a stretch of flat, salt-covered ground left after the evaporation of an area of salt water.

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salt lake
noun an inland lake of saline water.

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salt lick
1 a place to which animals go in order to obtain salt.
2 a block of salt, given to domestic animals as a dietary supplement.

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