Lengua inglesa
verb (belonged , belonging ) intr
1 (always belong to) to be the right or property of.
2 (always belong to) to be a member of (a group, club, etc) or a native of (a place).
a to have a proper place, or have the right qualities to fit (especially with or in something or someone); to go along or together with it or them Knives do not belong in this drawer My child belongs with me These two socks belong together ;
b to be properly classified (in a class, section, under a heading, etc).
4 to be entirely acceptable on a social or personal level; to be at home, or to fit in It's a nice firm, but somehow I just don't belong .
[14c: intensive of longen to belong or to be suitable]
belonging noun (esp a sense of belonging) fitting in or acceptability within a group.

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