Lengua inglesa
1 said of a surface or texture: not smooth, even or regular.
2 said of ground: covered with stones, tall grass, bushes and/or scrub.
3 said of an animal: covered with shaggy or coarse hair.
4 said of a sound: harsh or grating a rough voice .
5 said of a person's character, behaviour, etc: noisy, coarse or violent.
6 said of weather, the sea, etc: stormy.
7 requiring hard work or considerable physical effort, or involving great difficulty, tension, etc a rough day at work .
8 (esp rough on someone) unpleasant and hard for them to bear a decision which is rough on the employees .
9 said of a guess, calculation, etc: approximate.
10 not polished or refined a rough draft .
11 colloq slightly unwell and tired, especially because of heavy drinking or lack of sleep.
12 characterized by violence or lawlessness lives in a really rough area .
1 (the rough) rough ground, especially the uncut grass at the side of a golf fairway.
2 (esp take the rough with the smooth) the unpleasant or disagreeable side of something .
3 a rough or crude state.
4 a crude preliminary sketch.
5 a thug or hooligan.
adverb roughly.
verb (roughed , roughing ) to make something rough; to roughen.
[Anglo-Saxon ruh ]
roughish adjective .
roughly adverb
1 in a rough way.
2 approximately.
roughness noun .
a bit of rough someone, especially a man, whose lack of sophistication and coarse manner make them sexually attractive.
rough it colloq to live in a very basic or primitive way, without the usual comforts of life one is accustomed to.
sleep rough to sleep in the open without proper shelter.
rough something in to outline or sketch it in roughly.
rough something out to do a preliminary sketch of it or give a preliminary explanation of it.
rough someone up colloq to beat them up.

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