Lengua inglesa
verb (believed , believing )
1 to accept what is said by someone as true Why don't you believe me?
2 (sometimes believe something of someone) to accept something said or proposed, eg about someone, as true.
3 intr to have trust or confidence We all believe in you .
4 intr to be convinced of the existence of Do you believe in ghosts?
5 intr to have religious faith.
6 intr to consider right or good I believe in being honest .
7 to think, assume or suppose I believe she comes from Turkey .
[Anglo-Saxon belyfan ]
believable adjective .
believably adverb .
believer noun a person who believes, especially in God.
believe it or not or can or would you believe it? it seems incredible (but in fact it is true).
not be able to believe one's ears or eyes colloq to find it hard to believe what one is hearing or seeing.

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