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verb (robbed , robbing )
1 to steal something from (a person or place), especially by force or threats.
2 intr to commit robbery.
3 to deprive someone of something expected as a right or due.
[12c: from French rober ]
robber noun someone who robs; a thief.
robbing noun .
rob Peter to pay Paul
1 to deprive one person of something in order to satisfy another.
2 to raise a loan in order to pay off a debt.

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robber crab
noun a large, coconut-eating land crab found in the Indian Ocean.

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noun (robberies ) the act or process, or an instance, of robbing.

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1 (often robes) a long loose flowing garment, especially the official vestment worn on ceremonial occasions by peers, judges, mayors, academics, the clergy, etc.
2 a dressing-gown or bathrobe.
verb (robed , robing ) to clothe (oneself or someone else) in a robe or robes.
[13c: French, of Germanic origin, related to rob, originally meaning -booty- in the sense of clothes regarded as booty]

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1 (also robin redbreast) a small brown European thrush with a red breast and white abdomen.
2 a N American thrush, larger than the European robin, with a brick-red breast, black and white speckled throat and white rings around its eyes.
3 any of various unrelated birds with a red, yellowish or white breast, native to Australia.
[16c: a diminutive of the personal name Robert ]

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